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See this huge list of cute nicknames for guys. Find a cool pet name for your boyfriend or husband. See out favorite picks for cute nicknames.

See these good questions to ask a girl during a date. Never go on a first date without getting questions answered. Score a second date easily! (Video)

Cute things to say to boyfriend or husband- some naughty, some nice. Let him know that his is special to you.

21 questions to ask a guy you like. Play the 21 questions game to get to know that special someone. Check out the video too.

The “glitz and glam” of New York Fashion Week 2015 gave us a peak of what trends are coming up for spring and summer 2016. Hundreds of glamorous runway shows, on New York catwalks, displayed a myriad of delicate details,

I went out today to try and find a new pair of booties to reinforce my preexisting and growing collection. Yes, it seems we will be wearing booties for one more season. I am kind of happy with this prospect,

The fall is upon us, but summer is still here and I intend to savor every single moment! I am sure you are with me. One of things I enjoy the most, about this time, is wearing a light end

Like most urbanites, I carry most of my gear in a backpack. I am privileged to live in a city where I am able to travel by foot and/or use the transit system.  I usually pack all my sustenance needs for a

[caption id="attachment_654" align="aligncenter" width="503"] Scotch-soda peacoat[/caption] I love fall. It is an excuse to get a new coat and stretch out the leisurly summer mood for another month or so. It is also time for me to invest in a new

[metaslider id=628] When you open your kitchen cupboard, what do you see? Until recently mine contained a somewhat loosely fitting collection of plates, bowls and drinking glasses. All that changed when I courageously volunteered to host a dinner for my friend Rosie

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