Sorel Booties

Booty Inspiration – Fall 2015 Ankle boot trend lookbook

I went out today to try and find a new pair of booties to reinforce my preexisting and growing collection. Yes, it seems we will be wearing booties for one more season. I am kind of happy with this prospect, and I secretely pray this clever innovation will stay with ...

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7 End of Summer Fragnances Feature image

7 End of Summer fragnances for her

The fall is upon us, but summer is still here and I intend to savour every single moment! I am sure you are with me. One of things I enjoy the most, about this time, is wearing a light end of summer fragrance. After  the initial rush of July, the ...

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Top 2015 Backpacks

Top 2015 Backpacks and laptop bags

Like most urbanites, I carry most of my gear in a backpack. I am privileged to live in a city where I am able to travel by foot and/or use the transit system.  I usually pack all my sustenance needs for a day’s worth of urban exploration. This includes food, water, ...

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Fall peacoat for women

Hail to the Almighty Peacoat! – Fall Jackets for Women

I love fall. It is an excuse to get a new coat and stretch out the leisurly summer mood for another month or so. It is also time for me to invest in a new fall coat. For the past two years, I have committed to acquiring closet stapples. So ...

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Dining plate sets

Five plate sets for when you are ready to upgrade your game

When you open your kitchen cupboard, what do you see? Until recently mine contained a somewhat loosely fitting collection of plates, bowls and drinking glasses. All that changed when I courageously volunteered to host a dinner for my friend Rosie who was moving to Portland with a new job and ...

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Happy Birthday Madonna!

    The queen turns 57 today and Givenchy has posted three beautiful looks especially designed for her majesty by the house star designer Riccardo Tisci. At the 2012 Super Bowl, Madonna and her dancers wore roman inspired costumes featuring sexy thigh high boots, molded leather chest tuniques and golden armors. ...

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May the force be with all of us – Covergirl has just announced the lauch of its x Star makeup collection

OK, it’s announced. Starting on September 4th we can all run to our local drug store and buy Covergirl’s limited-edition x Star collection. Ahead of the much awaited newest installment in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, out this coming December, Covergirl has designed a futuristic makeup line including ...

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@Leland Francisco

How To Tell If a Guy Has a Crush on You

So you’re kind of crushing on this guy and you think he likes you too. But are you reading the signs correctly or is your heart just playing tricks on you? Rather than facing an awkward moment there are a few tips you can use, to see if a guy ...

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Easy tomato soup

    Easy tomato soup   6-7 ripe tomato sauce 1 large onion, diced 2 large carrots, diced 3 celery stalks, peeled and diced   8 cups salt free chicken stock 1 tbsp all purpose flour 1-2 tbsp vegetable oil   Salt Pepper   Peel and deseed tomatoes, chop and ...

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How to blanch and deseed tomatoes

Many sauces and soups call for blanching, peeling and seeding your tomatoes.   The process can be fairly messy but definitely worth the effort. This extra step ensures that your tomato sauces and soups have a smooth taste free of unnecessary acidity and bitterness present in the skin.    Prepare a ...

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