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Introducing Google Home Mini

Buy Now ($49) See at Wal-Mart See at Best Buy See at B&H Photo

Google Home Mini Price, Specs, Release Date, & Pre-Order (Video)Google just announced the Google Home Mini, the miniature version of Google’s popular voice-activated speaker, the Google Home. Just like its bigger sibling, the Google Home Mini is controlled via voice commands and allows you to do things like get answers from Google, stream music, get news & weather, and control smart home devices.

To learn more about what the Google Home (and the new Google Home Mini) can do, check out this guide. If you want to know how much the Google Home Mini is, when it will be available, and how to get it, continue to read on.

Google Home Mini Price, Release Date, and Pre-Order

The Google Home Mini retails for the price of just $49. At this price point, the Mini competes directly with Amazon’s similarly priced Echo Dot. The price also provides Google a chance to increase its share of the market. The pre-existing Google Home retails for $129.

If you are interested in purchasing a Mini, you don’t have to wait long. The Google Home Mini’s release date is October 18th, 2017. You will be able to buy the Mini online or in stores that day.

The Mini is sure to be a hit. As a result, the device may sell out around the holidays. Considering pre-ordering a Google Home Mini or two. That way, you are sure you get yours before Christmas shopping begins.

Google Home Mini Pre-Order Information

You can pre-order the Google Home Mini now! See it at one of the following retailers:

Buy Now ($49)  See at Wal-Mart See at Best Buy See at B&H Photo


Google Home Mini - Three Colors

How to get the Google Home Mini for free!

If you plan to order a Pixel 2, one of Google’s two new phones announced today, you get a special bonus. Upon ordering a Pixel 2, Google will send you a code that allows you to get a Google Home Mini for free!

Want to pre-order a Google Pixel 2? You can order them from here. Please note that the Pixel phones sold out fast last year.

Are you buying one?

Are you going to buy the Google Home Mini? What do you think about the device? Do you think it’s a hit or a miss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The post Google Home Mini Price, Release Date, & Pre-Order (Video) appeared first on Geek Chic Daily.

]]> 0 Google Home Mini Price, Release Date, & Pre-Order (Video) See the Google Home Mini price, release date, and info. Pre-order the Google Home Mini or find out how to get one for free. Google Home,Voice Activated Devices,google home mini
See my Google Home Suggested Improvements & Submit Your Own Sat, 26 Aug 2017 20:46:55 +0000 Check out this big list of Google Home suggested improvements and share your own suggestions.

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Dear makers of Google Home,

Google Home Facebook GroupI use Google Home every day. To my surprise, my wife uses it just as often. We mostly use it to play music. However, asking Knowledge Graph based questions is slowly becoming our killer app for the device.

While I love my Google Home, it is not yet perfect. The device is off to a great start but I’m hoping for a lot more. In this article, I share my top Google Home suggested improvements. While I suspect many of them are already in the works, I hope some of the unique ideas presented below will be considered as well.

This list will be updated over time. Check back often for updates!

Buy Google Home for $129  Buy Now


Google Home Suggested Improvements

Below I list my suggested changes for Google Home. Use the comments section to let me know if you agree with my suggestions, or if you have suggestions of your own.


  • Include an alarm clock. If Google Home had an alarm clock, I would put a Google Home in every bedroom. There should be dedicated hardware for the alarm clock so that GH firmware updates or internet outages do not impact the alarm clock’s operation. A backup battery should allow the alarm clock to fully function.
  • Include physical buttons. Changing the volume using the touch interface is too finicky for my taste. Physical button would allow precise control over volume and playback. Physical buttons would allow people who are unfamiliar with the device to quickly see how to control the device.
  • Add additional microphones. In my experience, Google Home doesn’t hear me as well as Amazon Echo in loud environments. A few more mics could make up the difference.
  • Add an audio-out port. Instead of making us buy a separate Chromecast Audio, please add an audio-port on the Google Home. If you are concerned about losing sales, sell some Google branded speakers that will work with Home. I’d buy them if they are good.
  • Allow the next Google tablet to function like a Google Home. Give it a charging dock (preferably wireless). Allow it to display pretty search results on the screen such as recipes, celebrity bios, stats for athletes, menus for local restaurants, etc. Give it dual speakers, plus premium audio for hooking up to external speakers.
  • Create a Bluetooth remote that can be used to control Google Home. A button on the device could allow you to ask Google Home questions without using the launch phrase. Volume, audio playback, and video casting playback could be controlled with this remote. These accessories could be associated with specific people, allowing Google Home to give personalized responses.
  • Create a Bluetooth headset and/or headphones that have a dedicated Google Home button. The device should allow you to issue commands, make hands-free calls with the GH, and listen to GH streaming audio.
  • Create a premium Google Home that has its own display. Why let the Amazon Echo Show have all the fun?

Events and Entertainment

  • Add movie theater and showtime support. I’d like to be able to ask, “what’s playing at the AMC Hoffman movie theater”, followed by “what are the showtimes for ‘Die Hard 6’?”
  • Add support for questions about local events. Sample questions include, “What concerts are happening this weekend?” or “what plays can I see next weekend?”
  • Allows movie trailers to be easily displayed via Chromecast. I’d like to be able to ask, “Show me top movie trailers on Chromecast” or “Show new movie trailers on Chromecast”.
  • Add the ability to announce new movies on DVD or Netflix. Sample questions: “What’s new on DVD?” and “What’s popular on Netflix?”.
  • Tivo integration. I would love to be able to search Tivo for movies and shows using my Google Home. Btw, I think Google should buy Tivo before Amazon does. 😉

Music Support

  • Add support for satellite radio. Sample commands: “Play Howard Stern on satellite radio” and “Play Shady 45 on satellite radio”.
  • Add support for playing music stored on a local computer. Not everyone has Spotify.

Health and Fitness

  • Add the ability to cast recipes to Chromecast. Chromecast could display static recipes from top recipe sites. I’d like to be able to ask, “what should I cook tonight”, “suggest a green smoothie recipe”, or “what should I cook for my next dinner party?”.
  • Add the ability to easily cast curated workout videos to Chromecast. These videos can be on YouTube but perhaps there should be curated videos available. Perhaps we could specify videos from our saved videos or playlists.
  • Add the ability to play curated guided audio workouts. I’d like to be able to say, “start seven-minute workout”.

Account Support

  • Allow support for sending and checking email. I’d like to be able to say, “Do I have email?”, “Is there new email for Tech Ranker?”, or “send an email to my boss, ‘The client loved my slide deck!”.
  • Allow support for sending and checking text messages. Sample commands: “Send text to my wife, ‘Please pick up milk'” and “Read my unread text messages”.
  • Add the ability to define aliases for people and groups. I’d like to use aliases such as wife, boss, mom, kids, bowling team, close friends, etc. I’d like to be able to ask, “read messages from bowling team”.

Buy Google Home for $129  Buy Now

Also See: How to use Google Home

Share your Google Home Suggested Improvements

Do you have any features you want added to Google Home? Are there any hardware suggestions you want to suggest for the next version of the device? Use the comments section to share your thoughts.

Like and Share this post

If you would like Google to make some of the changes above, like and share this post using the buttons below. Hopefully, Google will see this article and use some of my suggestions.

Google Home Facebook Group

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Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons Review Wed, 26 Jul 2017 03:12:44 +0000 Amazon Echo Show Pros & Cons Review. Is this the best Echo ever or is it not ready for prime time? Find out my favorite feature & biggest drawback.

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The Amazon Echo Show is a voice-activated device. You can instruct it to play video content, play music, stream online audio, order products and services, and control home automation products. The Echo Show is the first device of its kind to feature its own screen, which in my opinion, greatly enhances the use and potential of these devices.

In this article, I review the Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons. I mention some of its key advantages over similar devices. I also cover some of its disadvantages and drawbacks. Is the Echo Show the best Amazon Echo ever? Or is it not ready for prime time? Continue reading to find out!

Amazon Echo Show pros and cons


Amazon Echo Show Pros

I’ve been using this device for a few weeks now. Here are some of the Echo Show Pros, features, and advantages I have found so far:

  • Good build quality: The Show has a nice, bright screen that has good viewing angles.
  • Good sound: The speakers on the Show sound much better than the original echo.
  • Easy setup: Setup was extremely easy, mostly due to the Show’s touch screen. After making a few selections, the Show was up and running in no time.
  • Content suggestions: When you aren’t interacting with the Show, it continuously displays content suggestions. I like that it will suggest videos to watch.
  • Video content: I like being able to view Amazon Video, video news briefings, movie trailers, and YouTube videos on the Show.
  • Video calling: Video calling works as advertised. I like being able to initiate a call with my voice.
  • Music with lyrics: When playing songs from Amazon Music, you can see album art and song lyrics on the screen.
  • Home automation: Like other Echos, the Show can control your smart home products. The show has the extra ability to display camera feeds.
  • On-screen apps: The echo can display my calendar, reminders, lists, timers, local weather, and more. Because of this, I find the Show infinitely more useful than the original Echo.

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons - Cons - Disadvantages - Drawbacks

Amazon Echo Show Cons

No device is perfect, and the Show definitely has some drawbacks. Below are a few of the Echo Show cons:

  • The Show needs more functionality that leverages the touch screen. I trust that new skills will be added over time but I’m disappointed that more wasn’t available at launch.
  • The Show should have an audio-out port.
  • I wish the Show could have a bigger screen option, a video-out port, and/or video casting capability.
  • The show should not be used as an alarm clock at this point. There’s no backup battery solution at the moment. The display currently is too bright for a dark room.
  • The angle of display and the camera cannot be adjusted.
  • None of the Echos can answer all of the questions the Google Home can answer.
  • None of the Echos can cast video to a TV like the Google Home can.
  • The Echo Show is not cheap.

How will I use the Amazon Echo Show

Here are my primary uses for the Show:

  • Playing Music from Amazon Music
  • Watching videos from YouTube
  • Controlling smart home products and displaying camera feeds

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons Review - Should You Buy It


Amazon Echo Show vs Amazon Echo

If you are trying to decide between the Echo and the Echo Show, get the Show. You’ll get better audio plus the potential for much greater functionality via the touch screen.

Amazon Echo Show vs Google Home

If you want to cast video and audio, Google Home is the better choice since none of the Echos can do this. Other than that, I recommend the Echo Show over the Google Home because it has more skills and it has a screen.

Yes, the Google Home can answer more complex questions. I just think people will use these devices more for consuming content and controlling smart home products than they will use them to ask complex questions.

I own both devices so I have the best of both worlds.

Suggested Improvements for the Echo Show

Here’s how I would change the Amazon Echo Show:

  • Add a physical home button and back button on the device and on a compatible remote.
  • Add a camera that can pan and zoom and track faces that are talking.
  • Include an audio-out port.
  • Add a separate alarm clock module that is resistant to downtime related to software patching, software crashes, network outages, etc.
  • Provide a option for displaying video on a bigger screen via a video-out port, video casting, or bigger Echo Shows.
  • Enable the ability to customize the home page with custom apps, custom news feeds, social media feeds, etc.
  • Add the ability to display my commute route using google maps, with traffic.
  • Provide Skype support and allow voice initiated calls.
  • Add the ability to stream live TV from a cable box, TIVO, or the internet.
  • Add official apps (not just “Echo skills”) for SiriusXM, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The YouTube app show allow you to log in and verbally access your playlists, history, subscribed channels, etc.

Amazon Echo Show Pros and Cons - How I would change the Echo Show

Our Verdict

The Echo Show is the best Echo available. It’s also the best voice activated device available. The most noteworthy feature is the screen. The addition of the screen makes the Show infinitely better than any of the other options. With the Echo Show, you can see the result of your question or command, not just hear it!

Another reason I like the Show is the improved audio. I find the speakers on the Show to be much better than on the original Echo.

While display and touch specific functionality is limited at the moment, we can trust that both Amazon and 3rd party developers will add new functionality over time.

If you find the Show’s price to be too high, the Echo Dot is still a great device. It’s also not an expensive investment, should you decide to replace it with an Echo Show later.

Amazon Echo Show Review


The Amazon Echo Show is the best Amazon Echo device available. While it's missing some features, we believe its capabilities will grow over time, just like the original Echo.

  • Design 85%
  • Functionality 95%
  • Performance 85%
  • Value 80%

Will you Buy the Amazon Echo Show?

Are you going to buy the Amazon Echo Show? Are you still on the fence? Don’t know which Echo to buy? Use the comments section below to ask a question. We’ll help you decide what to do!

If you already have an Echo, and would like to ask a question or share a comment, please use the comments section below.

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SOLVED: Your Computer is not Digital Cable Ready – HDHomeRun Prime set up Fri, 30 Jun 2017 16:00:38 +0000 See how to fix the "Your Computer is not Digital Cable Ready" error when setting up the HDHomeRun Prime .

The post SOLVED: Your Computer is not Digital Cable Ready – HDHomeRun Prime set up appeared first on Geek Chic Daily.


While trying to set up my Windows Media Center to work with my new HDHomeRun Prime (Buy at Amazon), I encountered the message, “Your Computer is not Digital Cable Ready.” I knew that I had a HDCP compliant video card so I didn’t know what the deal was. After some Googling, I found that I needed to install Microsoft’s Digital Cable Advisor (DCA).

You can find the DCA using the links below:



I installed the download to my Windows 7 desktop and restarted my computer (I don’t know if it’s required). Now when I open Windows Media Center and access the Extra Library, I see a new icon that looks like a coax cable. Click on the icon (it may take a second to start) and follow the on screen instructions.

The post SOLVED: Your Computer is not Digital Cable Ready – HDHomeRun Prime set up appeared first on Geek Chic Daily.

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Amazon Echo Pros and Cons, Plus Video Review (2015) Thu, 24 Mar 2016 04:45:48 +0000 Amazon Echo Pros and Cons, Plus Video Review (2015): See the Amazon Echo pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, benefits and drawbacks.

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Amazon Echo Pros and Cons Review Video 2015The Amazon Echo is now available to everyone for purchase. Previously an invitation was required to purchase the Echo. Its current release date is July 16th, 2015 and it retails for $179.99 ($149.99 for Prime Members). Not bad pricing for what’s basically a smart Bluetooth speaker. But even at this price, is the Amazon Echo worth it?

Buy the Amazon Echo

While I do like my Echo, I recognize that it’s not for everyone. To help you decide if the Amazon Echo is right for you, I put together a long list of its compelling features as well as some of its limitations and drawbacks. Please see the Amazon Echo pros and cons below.

Amazon Echo Pros and Cons

Amazon Echo Pros:

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of the Amazon Echo:

  • My primary reason for getting the Echo is for playing music. I really like being able to play a song or playlist using verbal commands. Echo does a good job understanding what I am asking. Echo can even ID the song that is currently playing, which is nice.
  • Music can be accessed from your Amazon music library, Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. If you are a Prime Member, you will also have access to Prime Music. You can also upload your music to Amazon Prime.
  • My second favorite use is asking Echo for news, sports scores, and weather. It works really well for these uses. I think people that own the Echo will actually use these features. Of note, I work from home so I didn’t get much use out of the traffic feature.
  • Echo can hear you from great distances and over somewhat loud music. Its speech recognition is pretty good and fast, assuming you are using commands it understands.
  • Lots of features have been added over time. More features are expected.
  • Includes a remote control similar to the Fire TV remote.
  • You can ask Echo fun facts but it doesn’t work as well as Google Now.
  • Echo has a lot of jokes so it’s sure to keep young kids (and some old ones) entertained.
  • The price is pretty good considering it’s more than just a speaker.

Amazon Echo Cons:

Here are the things I don’t like about the Echo (disadvantages).

  • Audio is good but not great. Amazon would see a billion of these if the audio was better.
  • Functionality is limited when compared to smartphone apps such as Siri and Google Now
  • Usefulness might be challenged by the Cortana app arriving on PCs this summer
  • No ability to search within a playlist
  • Even with all the improvements added this year, it still needs more killer apps before it will be a must have device

Other Stuff

I don’t see myself using shopping lists, timers, or alarms. My phone handles these tasks better and is always with me. 🙂

Suggested Improves for the Amazon Echo

Here is how I would change the Amazon Echo:

  • Make available a more expensive version of the Echo, with better audio and deep bass.
  • Spotify Support. Apple Music would be cool too. Since these are Amazon Music competitors, I wonder if these services will ever be available.
  • Allow us to connect a pair of Echos and use them as stereo speaks for an audio system or home theater system.
  • Provide an optional battery pack for outdoor use.
  • Skype support
  • Ability to link multiple Echos for an intercom system
  • Ability to hear what’s coming soon to Amazon Video, Prime Video
  • Ability to hear what’s coming out in theaters this week

Should You Buy the Amazon Echo?

I really love my Echo. I like being able to verbally play a song that randomly pops in my head. I like the news briefings and the ability to get sports scores. Since I’m a prime member, I can also access Prime music with the Echo which I find cool. This is how I mostly use the device.

I think I will really get the most out of the echo once I start using the “connected home” functionality.

The price is pretty good, considering it’s more than just a speaker. This is especially true for Prime Members that got a discount. At $99 bucks, it was a steal!

Echo isn’t for everyone. If you expect to talk to it like you do your smartphone, you will be disappointed. The audio quality, while decent, does not compare to similarly priced, dedicated speakers. Yes, Echo is more than a speaker. I just believe it needs to be a good speaker before it’s anything else.

I currently recommend the Echo for only early adopters and people that like gadgets. It’s definitely a great conversational piece. I just hope the next version features better audio. Perhaps Amazon can sell multiple versions of the Echo including one with great audio.

Buy the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What music can I play with Echo?
A: You can access music from your Amazon music library, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Prime Music.

Q: Do I need Amazon Prime in order to use the Echo?
A: No. Note that Prime members can access Prime Music with their Echo.

Q: Do Echo support Spotify or Apple Music?
A: No, and no.

Q: How do you temporarily stop Echo from listening?
A: Press the mute button on the top of the device.

Q: How do I access Echo from the web?

Q: Can Echo repeat a response?
A: Yes. Say “Alexa, can you repeat that?”

Q: What are some funny things to ask Echo?

Alexa, roll a die.
Alexa, random fact
Alexa, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Alexa, beam me up.
Alexa, I am your father.
Alexa, open the pod bay doors.
Alexa, to be or not to be.
Alexa, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Alexa, who’s your daddy?
Alexa, what is the meaning of life?
Alexa, when is the end of the world?
Alexa, what is the best tablet?
Alexa, which comes first: the chicken or the egg?
Alexa, who you gonna call?
Alexa, make me breakfast.
Alexa, show me the money.
Alexa, random number between “x” and “y”.
Alexa, I want the truth!
Alexa, who loves you baby?
Alexa, who let the dogs out?

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]]> 2 Amazon Echo Pros and Cons, Plus Video Review (2015) Amazon Echo Pros and Cons, Plus Video Review (2015): See the Amazon Echo pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, benefits and drawbacks. Amazon,Amazon Echo,Bluetooth Speakers,amazon echo pros and cons
Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Unboxing, Pros & Cons – Video Mon, 28 Sep 2015 15:00:04 +0000 See my Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Unboxing, and Pros and Cons video. See why I think the Fire TV Stick is a great value.

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Buy Now from Amazon: $39.00

I was fortunate to order one of these as soon as it was announced. As an Amazon Prime member, I was able to buy the Fire TV Stick for $19 during a two-day sale. I figured, for that price, I might as well test it out!

Set up was easy and straight forward. I find that the interface is quick and easy to use. The interface and streaming on the Stick is much faster than the Amazon app built into my HDTV. This fact alone made this a great purchase. After the break, see some of the thoughts I have on the Fire TV Stick so far:

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review and Unboxing 4

Amazon Fire TV Stick Pros and Cons

Fire TV Stick Pros:

Below are some of the Fire TV Stick positive features and advantages over the competition.

  • Quick, easy to use, polished interface
  • Wireless video streaming works really well
  • Amazon Instant video loads, fast forwards, and rewinds really fast
  • A dedicated Prime Menu allows Prime members to easily see what free content is available
  • Unlike Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick includes a remote
  • Can stream your own videos by first uploading them to your cloud disk
  • Can play quite a few casual games
  • Awesome, irresistible price for Amazon Prime users. I got it for $19 during the two-day sale.
  • Better specs than Chromecast and Roku Stick
  • Ultraportable. I plan to use Fire TV Stick when I travel for work and to visit family
  • – Stream local videos and other content using the Plex app

Fire TV Stick Cons:

The Fire TV Stick isn’t without its share of drawbacks.  Here are the Fire TV Stick cons:

  • Included remote doesn’t support voice search. That remote costs extra. Would be nice to have a second Fire TV Stick model that includes the voice search remote, rather can requiring us to buy a second remote.
  • Probably won’t be able to use universal remotes with this unless Logitech offers a compatible device.
  • Not as fast as Fire TV, but since the Stick is so much cheaper, this is not really an issue.
  • Limited compatibility with older Android devices.
  • No way to stream content from a local computer or network device

Other Fire TV Stick Considerations:

Here are some other things to note:

  • Arrived associated with my Amazon account. You can change this of course. Just keep this in mind if you are sending the Fire TV Stick as a gift.
  • Unlike the Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick may complain if you connect its power port to a USB port on your TV instead of using the included AC power brick.
  • Setup will take 15 to 20 minutes
  • Would be nice if this thing was compatible with the Fire Keyboard

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review and Unboxing 3

Buy Now from Amazon: $39.00

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Chromecast

Chromecast is cheaper these days. It’s a very capable device. It currently has a few notable content sources that Fire TV Stick doesn’t have, including HBO Go and Sling Player. It doesn’t have a remote and I find the user interface to be a little clunky.

Amazon Fire TV Stick has a remote and a very quick and easy to use interface. Your non-technically inclined family members will find the Stick easier to use than the Chromecast. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s a no brainer. Chose the Stick over the Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Fire TV

The Fire TV is faster, includes voice search, has more RAM, has more storage, has an Ethernet port, and can play more games. It’s also more expensive (although there are discounts on them all the time).

The Fire TV Stick is more portable. It’s also a lot cheaper, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member and got the initial $19 price.

If you can afford to the Fire TV, get that. Otherwise, the Fire TV Stick is a great alternative. I plan to own both. 🙂

How do I Rank the Fire TV Stick?

I really like the Amazon Fire TV Stick. At only $19 for Amazon Prime members (during the 2-day sale), I REALLY, REALLY LIKE Fire TV Stick.

Its interface is faster and easier to use than my HDTV’s built-in Amazon app, plus it includes a lot more video sources. It’s really the best way to view your Amazon content on a TV.

The interesting thing is, Fire TV Stick has convinced me to buy the more expensive Fire TV too. I want to have the voice search and the faster interface on my main HDTV. I plan to take the Fire Stick with me when I travel for work or travel to visit family.

For Amazon Prime members, and for anyone that has a few Amazon movie/TV purchases, the both the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are must have devices and great stocking stuffers for this Christmas.

My Ranking? Definite “Buy”

It’s a nice little video streaming device.  At only $39, it’s a nice value.  It provides an easy and inexpensive way to cut the cable.

Source: Amazon

The post Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Unboxing, Pros & Cons – Video appeared first on Geek Chic Daily.

]]> 2 Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Unboxing, Pros & Cons - Video See my Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Unboxing, and Pros and Cons video. See why I think the Fire TV Stick is a great value. Amazon,Fire TV Stick,Amazon Fire TV