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How to Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress – Video

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Want to know how to auto post to Google Plus from WordPress?  You can do so by setting up a free Hoot Suite account.  Hoot Suite will use your WordPress RSS feed as a source and post articles to your Google Plus Page on a schedule.  To set this up, watch the video above.  The set up is very simple as there’s nothing to install and there’s no programming required.  Best of all, you can auto post to your Google Plus Page for free.  Hoot Suite’s free services allow you to source from up to two RSS feeds and post them to up to five social networks.  Hoot Suite also offers a paid version that allows you to specify an unlimited number of sources and targets.

-post to google plus from wordpress

Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress: Other Methods

There are a couple of other options that will allow you to auto post to Google Plus.  They include:

  • WPGPlus WordPress Plugin:  I haven’t tried this plugin as it currently gets low ratings on  I typically stay away from plugins until they have matured.
  •  This is a paid service I discovered here.  Since it costs money, I didn’t try this solution either. 🙂
  • Next Scripts: This is another paid option.  If you don’t mind spending a little cash, this is really the best option for posting to unlimited social networking accounts.  It’s only a one time fee.  A free trial is available so check it out!

Why Auto Post to Google Plus in the first place?

Posting my content to Google Plus gives provides yet another opportunity for people to discover my content.  By auto posting my content, I have one less thing to remember to do whenever I create a new article.  Since I develop content for my blog in my spare time, any time I can save on administrative tasks will allow me to focus more time on the writing.

Have you implemented your own solution for auto posting to Google Plus?  Have you used any of the methods mentioned above?  Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

  1. Mike says

    Next Scripts is actually a very good solution. It’s not free, but it’s so much easier to setup and it works for Google+ Profiles, Business pages, Communities. Also you don’t need to deals with RSS. You just write a blogpost and it immediately appear on Google+

    1. Quentin Moore says

      I think once I bump up against the limits of the free option, I will check out what else is available. Thanks for sharing!

  2. DennisDennis says

    I followed the video, after almost one year now I reached the right point
    the hootsuite working for me
    thanks Quentin Moore.

  3. Shane says

    Thanks for this post. I use to use Hootsuite a while ago, but totally forgot they might start posting to Google Plus now.

  4. narayanan111 says

    Quentin …thanks a lot for this.

    I have one question… how do I get two feeds into 5 diff social networks for free? I seem to be able to just setup 2 social networks but using the same feed twice (I guess)… I think I might be missing how to setup one feed into 5 diff networks. Can you help? Thanks.

    1. Quentin Moore says

      Turns out that you can only setup 2 feeds with one account. I suppose you could create multiple Hoot Suite accounts. 🙂

  5. Lyricsguru says

    Oh! thank you, so much I was about to spend money on Nextscripts plugin for WordPress, but thanks for suggesting Hootsuite, it’s completely free for my small site, you saved my money and time! 🙂

  6. Sop says

    Thank you for the info

  7. Volker says

    Hiya, great video.

    Hootsuite however seems to think I need a Google+ business account. Can I integrate my personal Google+ account?

    1. Quentin Moore says

      I haven’t tried to auto post to a personal account. Instead I created a separate G+ page for my web site.

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  9. Per says

    Im just digging into this…
    But wont you end up getting same content on your blog and your google+ acount?
    and does google not punish this?
    is there some way to avoic double content?

    1. Quentin Moore says

      The double content penalty comes into play when the content is repeated on the same site. Also, since you are not posting the entire article on G+, there’s no issue at all.

  10. Julie Jamison says

    Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial! I was able to set this up right away without any issues!

  11. Free Android Apps says

    Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial! I was able to set this up right away without any issues!

  12. peter says

    Hi Quentin…i posted a test page from my site. I have the Hoot Suite set for 1 hour. Does this mean it takes one hour for the post to appear on my Google Plus Business page? BTW…thanks for posting the article ^^

  13. Beranda News says

    this is what I was looking for. I’ve long had an account at hootsuit but only for scheduling post to twitter. I do not know turned out to be a function feeds into social media blog posts from this hootsuit. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Dave says

    Thanks! I was searching for a plugin that shared to Google + but didn’t really want another one weighing my site down. This is great! 🙂

  15. Tee says

    I tried this with my hootsuite it didn’t work

    1. Quentin Moore says

      It definitely works. Just make sure you are attempting to post to pages, not your own personal profile.

      1. Herick says

        Very cool. Thanks. I want to post automaticaly to my g+ profile too. Do you know a free way.

        1. Quentin Moore says

          When I checked a while back, I didn’t see a simple way to automatically post to a g+ personal profile. I do this manually at the moment. I’ll search and see if there are any options.

  16. Jenn says

    Thank you for this! It seems like such an obvious solution now that I’ve configured it. 😉 I’m looking forward to have posts publish to my two G+ business pages automatically. Happy New Year!

  17. Elsa says

    Great, just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  18. Jean Gérard Bousiquot says

    hello there! I’ve been for a way to auto publish to Google+ from WordPress for some time now. And one the recent updates of Jetpack brought just that. And it seems to be working great. I came here because I was looking for some alternative. Thanks for sharing! And I can say to anyone who is looking for an easy way to implement this feature on their site to use the WordPress Jetpack plugin’s one.

    Regards!, JGB! Neat Design

  19. RoN says

    I’m glad I found this, I was looking for a way to post to my Google + page from my autoblog. Thanks!

  20. myposnetwork says

    thanks for your sharing. It’s very helpfull for me

  21. Din says

    dlvr is a nice way to do that, unfortunately only premium member can post to G+ at this moment. Btw, nice share.

  22. Sanusi says

    Thanks Quentin Moore nice post on google + auto post

  23. Sriniwas says

    Hoot Suite and Next Scripts are only the two solutions that are fine for auto posting directly to Google+ account and pages. Nice post Quentin.

  24. du lich singapore says

    Oh, thanks. I can spam G+ with this plugin

  25. apakabarsidimpuan says

    autopost to google+ thats what i want, thankyou for video tutorial, salam dari Indonesia

  26. uploadax says

    Thanx for your post
    Do you know any Premium plugin since post my WordPress site to G+?

  27. MrGKC says

    Great post, just what I was looking for. Do you know if it’s possible to post to a facebook business page in the same way? I see it lets you connect to personal pages but I couldn’t work out how to get it to post to my business one


    1. Quentin Moore says

      I don’t know if the free Hoot Suite method will post to Facebook pages. I actually started using Next Scripts to post to pages. I know $50 isn’t cheap but Next Scripts pro lets you automatically post to an unlimited number of social media accounts. It’s worth every penny.

      1. David says

        Quentin – Using the auto post to G+page have you noticed if this has helped any local SEO on the Google Maps listings? I do local SEO and am always looking for better ways to improve Google Maps listings. Thanks.

  28. Footsteps Cottages says

    Awesome! Thans very much 🙂

  29. Rachel says

    This has been so helpful – thankyou! Much more helpful that Google’s own site.

  30. Leiva says

    I have not found any solution to auto post in G+, ideas? I meant, free solutions.

  31. Köpa hemsida says

    Thanks thats really helpful, keep up the good work!

  32. Kattis says

    Oh, thank you so much for this tutorial. I thought that google plus was connected to but no.

  33. melisa says

    I’ve been using hootsuit, and I am confused how to use it, already 2 days I use and update only once to google plus

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  35. Hausverwaltung says

    Thanks. That is what i Looked for

  36. Hira rai says

    Thnx admin

  37. Microphone Test says

    I was searching for a way a lomg time! This is very importanr for seo to have a google+ share and saves a lot of time with more than one Website to manage! Thanks!

  38. Yousef says

    I was looking for something like this for hours…
    Thanks a lot!

  39. Coderra says

    I’ve been using the SNAP free plugin for a while but the premium one does offer Google+ – I’ve just been reading about Hootsuite and while I’m intrigued I think I would prefer to keep everything managed from within WordPress. Has anyone used the pro version? Is it better than Hootsuite?

  40. ورمی کمپوست says


  41. Laura says

    The video in this tutorial doesn’t seem to be working anymore.. does anyone have a link to it?

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